Jordan Peterson on Men and Women in the workplace

Dose of Truth
Published on Feb 9, 2018
Vice Interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson


One thought on “Jordan Peterson on Men and Women in the workplace”

  1. This is actually a very brief excerpt from a much longer broadcast version, which was in turn highly edited down from the original. See both the broadcast and original versions side by side (or rather, one above the other…) here:

    Really JBP at his best, because his interlocutor, the brilliant Jay Caspian Kang*, has very different opinions and asks highly critical questions, so JBP has to really think hard.

    Further, I think that anyone who watches this interview all the way through will, like me, end up with more questions than when they (note the “singular ‘they'” – just tryin it on for size…) started.

    * Or maybe I’m just prejudiced. As a C. S. Lewis fan, anyone named Caspian gets an automatic leg up in my estimation. Plus I think JCK and I may be related – here in New Orleans about half the population refers to me as “Mr Kang”…

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