What Happened to My Chakras After My Covid Vaccine?

When we talk spiritually about vaccines, we need to be rigorous and discerning.

Patrick Paul · May 15 · Medium.com

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Like so many unpleasant encounters today, this one began on Facebook. I got a message from someone I had met once at a spiritual retreat. We had a pleasant time together, connected on social media, and then never crossed paths again. Out of the blue, she showed up via Messenger with a screenshot of a post (see below) warning me that taking a Covid-19 vaccine would somehow block my divine connection to spirit and eliminate my chakras.

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No information about the source of this doomsday message was offered. The message itself is hearsay (“reports coming in”), and it derives a conclusion (“cutting off source flow”) without considering other explanations. The message is riddled with gaps in information: How many reports? Who are these “healers”? Were the people whose chakras were supposedly cut off dropping dead or just walking around like chakra-free zombies? When I put forth a gentle request for answers, I received nothing in return. She simply deleted all of her messages.

Authority and Credibility

Allow me to venture a radical hypothesis: Your life choices should not be guided by anonymous internet sources based on hearsay. If you’re awakened spiritually and know not to believe every thought that passes through your mind, why should you believe random thoughts passing through your FB feed from a stranger without at least subjecting them to some minimal standard of scrutiny?

To that end, you might want to evaluate a source’s credibility based on some sense of their authority to opine on the topic — whether that’s training, prior opinions offered on a related topic, or some other indicia of authority. Next, separate and apart from their authority, consider whether the information they provide is bears indicia of reliability. Look at the clarity and detail of their opinion; obvious holes, gaps in information, or leaps in logic should be warning signs. Finally, consider whether they offer corroborating evidence of some kind, such as data, statistics, or testimony from other, credible sources.

The mere fact that an argument is made forcefully does not make it true. Hearsay, anonymous third-party sources, gaps in logic, and an inability to dispel alternative explanations are just some of the many indicia that a proposition is not credible.

As for my experience with the vaccine, I will do my best to honor the advice I have just given.

I am a conscious channel and intuitive who has published four books of spiritual wisdom and offers spiritual guidance to individuals. My gift is pointing out the psychic and emotional blocks holding you back from living a life of possibility and wonder. I use my real name, not a pen name or adopted name, so there’s some risk to my reputation.

I had a kundalini awakening in early 2016. It has never stopped. Even today, I go into a blissful state for at least 30 minutes almost every day; sometimes it’s much longer, and occasionally the energy skips a day or two. Chakra opening, clearing, and expansion is, for me, a near-daily experience. I’ve told my story a few times, in different places.

Don’t take me a face value just because I assert some claim to knowledge. Read my work (on this platform or in my full-length works), and then decide if I have any authority to opine on a given topic or you find me to be a credible source of information.

My Guidance During the Pandemic & With the Vaccine

What follows is my story. Early on in the pandemic, in late February 2020, New York City was not yet the epicenter that it would soon be. At this point, the CDC guidance was that masks were not necessary. The virus was believed to be a problem limited to (and contained within) China. As I headed to the subway to make my way to Manhattan, my gut gave me that very clear signal of danger, and I heard that I was to stay at home that day.

Shortly thereafter, I heard that we should purchase masks and stock up on food. Then I was told to tell my husband to work from home. He listened, and two days later someone in the office came into contact with the virus, and the office was shut down. This was early March. Soon thereafter, masks became the norm and were hard to find, and our supermarket shut down for 2 weeks. New York City became the epicenter. Thanks to my guidance, we were prepared.

Thereafter, I consistently followed the science and my intuition in the choices I made. Even though I often rely on my intuition, I do not reject science. It’s true that human beings often claim to understand aspects of our world, only to realize that we have made false assumptions and need to correct them. In other words, scientific knowledge is constantly being revised because we learn more than we previously knew, and our conclusions must be adjusted. This is not anti-science. This is the scientific method itself.

For that reason, blanket generalizations and sweeping rejections do not guide me. I rely instead on a process of evaluation, built on reason and intuition. I read and listen to my guides, who have never led me astray. For example, when I traveled to the Amazon for an ayahuasca retreat, I very clearly was guided to get the yellow fever vaccine. By contrast, I did not take any medication for malaria, because it has deleterious side effects and can interfere with ayahuasca. I had no adverse reaction to the vaccine, and I had a wonderful retreat where I had enormously powerful experiences with nature.

Fast-forward to the beginning of 2021. I was initially skeptical of the speed with which the vaccines had been given emergency authorization because they were based on a technology that had not been tested widely. I wanted to know what the safety data said. It turns out that there was already a decent amount of safety data for mRNA vaccines, even prior to the introduction of the covid vaccines.

By the time I was eligible to sign up for a vaccine, millions of people had received it, and the data for its safety had grown. As with all decisions, I also sought confirmation from my internal guidance, and I heard very clearly that I should get the vaccine — and a particular one, in fact. I asked again, to make sure the message was clear, and it was.

The day after I received my first dose, I felt some arm soreness. I also felt the kind of fatigue that washes over me just before I come down with a cold or the flu, a sign that my immune system is ramping up. I rested, and the fatigue left in a day, followed by the arm soreness faded a couple of days later. The same thing occurred after the second shot, only the effects were milder.

I am happy to report that my chakras remain intact. The kundalini energy still moves up and down through them, as it did before I took the vaccine. None of my friends who are psychics or healers has informed me that any chakras are missing or that I am now blocked from source. I have worked with several private clients, and my intuitive faculties feel as sharp as ever. Simply put, I can discern no change to my chakras or connection with spirit.

The Takeaway

You don’t have to believe my story. Subject my tale to your evaluative process to determine whether you believe me to be a credible source and my story to bear the hallmarks of veracity. You might believe me, dismiss me, or have questions. If you were to point out that I offer no corroborating evidence, I would applaud you for your discernment.

Even if you decide my story is credible, you still need to make your own decisions. Why should my story exert any authority over your life? I offer my story only to reiterate the need for standards of scrutiny in evaluating the information we read on social media. Those are especially necessary when someone is claiming that a vaccine is going to harm your spiritual connection to the universe.

I’m fairly certain that no one’s chakras have been eliminated by a vaccine; if you can’t feel your chakras, there’s probably an alternative explanation. But if you claim otherwise, I hope you’ll bring some rigor to the issues of authority and credibility. It’s the least you can do for your reader, and far better than spreading hearsay as if it were a truth that should guide someone’s life.

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