Ukraine Emergency Translation Group

Translation is a 5-step process of “straight thinking in the abstract.” The first step is an ontological statement of being beginning with the syllogism: “Truth is that which is so. That which is not truth is not so. Therefore Truth is all there is.” The second step is the sense testimony (what the senses tell us about anything). The third step is the argument between the absolute abstract nature of truth from the first step and the relative specific truth of experience from the second step. The fourth step is filtering out the conclusions you have arrived at in the third step. The fifth step is your overall conclusion.

The Ukraine Emergency Translation Group meets every Friday at 11 a.m. Pacific time via Zoom. We call it the Ukraine Emergency Translation Group but we welcome Translations about anything. Here are sense testimonies (2nd steps) we translated and their corresponding conclusions: (5th steps) this week.

2) People get sick and die
5) Truth of people is ONE Infinite, Eternal timeless and dimensionless LIFE ENERGY.

2) Body can control person.
5) Whole, complete, perfect conscious beingness is all there is.

2) Since I come from God, I must be exceptional.
5) I, being, am universal, original, inseparable and unexceptional perception.

All Translators are welcome to join us on Fridays at 11 a.m. Pacific time. The link is:

For information about Translation or other Prosperos classes go to:

Some comments from group members about this group:

“I like the group interaction and different perspectives. Also, at least for me, it gives me a sense of accountability and keeps the practice fresh in my mind. ” –Sarah Flynn

“This group has freed me up to have more fun with my Translations.”
–Mike Zonta

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