The Sonnet Man: Hip Hop Hamlet, To Be Or Not To Be

Deborah Voorhees Shear Horror Hamlet is an official Selection of 2015 Shakespeare film festival in Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare Film Festival in Stratford England, 2016 Elsinore Shakespeare Conference in Denmark, in the second round of the Harlem International Film Festival, will be included in a German documentary titled Wahnsinnswerke Hamlet on channel 3-Sat and has been added into the curriculum of BookheadEd Learning, LLC. Brooklyn hip-hop artist Devon Glover raps Hamlet’s “To Be Or Not To Be” soliloquy, first in Shakespeare’s language then he translates it into today’s speak. The Sonnet Man travels the world rapping Shakespeare’s sonnets and teaching children of all ages the Bard’s words. This music video has been created by director and editor Deborah Voorhees of Voorhees Films, which produced the quirky indie film Billy Shakespeare. For more information go to,, and The Sonnet Man’s show is produced by Broadway producer/playwright Arje Shaw, music produced by Daniel Lynas and background vocals by Daniel Lynas and Melissa Guttman.

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