The Scientific Proof That Everything and Everyone is Connected and Infinitive

Ivana Veljović · Dec 3, 2018 ·

What unifies everything and everyone?

Let’s start with imagining yourself in a park and that in some way you can go out of your body and fly up. After a few meters, you will see yourself as a dot. Flying more up, you will see a park as a dot. Then a city you are in look like a dot, then a county, then you will see the Earth as a dot. After you rose far enough, the whole solar systems and galaxies will become a dot. — That is telling us that everything is a dot from the way up.

Now go back to your body and let’s dive into it deeper. You will find out that you are made of millions of dots, cells. Then go deeper onto the surface of the cell and look around. You will see that it is made out of millions of smaller dots, if you go into one of those dots, you will see atoms. — And yes, that exactly means that there are dots all way down.

So we can say that everything is composed of dots and within the dot is an infinite amount of division, infinitive amount of information.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity covers the cosmic scales and the relationship between gravity, time and space. It predicts continuum to an infinitive point of singularity. You’ll hear physicists and mathematicians talk about singularities. Singularities are really dots, a point where everything breaks down and the mathematical equations don’t give you a defined answer because you have a ton of dots (mass) in an infinitely small space.

In another hand, we have a Quantum theory that covers the smallest units in the universe. It predicts finite and linear boundaries.

What if infinities and linear boundaries could be complementary?

Imagine the cells in your body that are made out of atoms. There are about 100 trillion cells in your body, and each cell has billions of atoms. And imagine that all of these cells and atoms could be further divided into subatomic particles, that can be divided into sub-subatomic particles and further on towards infinity. That would mean that even you have a physical body you have an infinite nature.

There is a concept in Quantum physic called Higgs boson or unofficially “The God Particle.” It refers to the smallest division that the universe creates. At first, we had microscopes where we saw the cells, and we believed that they are the smallest particles that exist, then we found atoms, protons, neutrons, then we went even smaller to quarks and so on. Every time we designed a better accelerator, we have seen the smaller particle. Now we are looking things that are billions of times smaller than an atom. Following this, it seems like it can be done to infinity. Discovered The ‘GOD Particle,’ What is it?

So we found out that we could be infinitive, but what about the universe.
If the universe is infinite, it has always been infinite. At the Big Bang, there was infinitely dense. Since then it has just been getting less dense as space has expanded.

If we want to find something that connects all things what would that be?

The only thing that is everywhere that connects all things is SPACE.

Space is between galaxies, stars, planets, cells, atoms. Even the atomic structure is made out of 99.99999% space.

So the reality we live in is mostly space. The whole material world you see including our bodies is 0.0000001% solid, and yet we spend almost 100% of our time paying attention to it.

If we are all space and everything is space why do we see boundaries like our bodies? The truth behind that is that those are physical boundaries. We extend more than our physical bodies. We include our energetic bodies, auras, even our higher self that is present in all dimensions. We have a sense of separation just because of those boundaries that, in a fact are nothing but energy vibrations. It is easier to accept that the universe is structured of the space because of the scale, it is bigger than us. If you omit the scale, you will see that we are small universes.

The first known thing in the creation is infinity. Infinity is a creation.
— The Law of One

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