Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse, April 30, 2022

Wendy Cicchetti

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse in Taurus is partial, so we won’t experience entire darkness. Symbolically, this is the equivalent of missing some details of a process or event through the blink of an eye. Only time will tell whether or not it will make a difference. For a clue, we can look to a Taurean theme, such as finances — many people tend to find financial paperwork tiresome to read through, and there could be a reminder soon if you have avoided looking at letters or emails. There may not be an urgency, but a benefit to awareness for the not-too-distant future.

The Taurus eclipse plants us on terra firma or redirects a solid course if we wandered off our earthly path. In our materialistic society, it’s become commonplace to engage with the earthy, practical side of life. We have basic needs, which require money to maintain, or our survival is threatened — or comforts severely reduced. This may be unnatural for us, but we must learn to survive in pragmatic ways — a notion taken up in James Hillman’s book The Soul’s Code (Bantam, 1997), in which he explains his “Acorn” theory. He turns the symbol typically used for human life — the tree — upsidedown, so his model “has its roots in heaven and imagines a gradual descent downwards toward human affairs.”

If we struggle to keep to everything that practical living demands, then maybe we can take inspiration from Uranus, conjunct the Moon and Sun, to see our situation afresh. Uranus in Taurus may present a breakthrough, cracking open the ground we thought we knew. Perhaps we can’t toe the line as society expects, but we can find another way. Uranus relates to everything unique and unconventional, so it may be a weird or zany method! Pretty much anything goes.

If we turn this around, we could be more allowing towards someone acting out of character. Perhaps that person is going through an experimental phase, or just needs to get through something to reach a better place. The Moon conjunct Uranus can seem, or feel, like the odd one out. So, it makes sense to make room for any eccentric or oddball behavior, perhaps looking to celebrate the freshness of any new perspective on offer. But if accommodating someone playing outside the rules would be unfair to others, it might be appropriate to offer a reminder of such rules.

The general feeling of this lunation seems energetic and positive, not least underlined by a sextile to Mars in Pisces. We can delight in a surge of fresh input and let ourselves enjoy being energized. We can be braver with our feelings, perhaps voicing our needs and preferences more easily. Mars emphasizes initiatives and has an especially creative flow in Pisces, so we may also feel more confident in putting forward suggestions for the future.

Venus, also in Pisces, happens to be very closely conjunct Jupiter — within two minutes of orb. These two planets are considered the benefics — planets that could convey good fortune and blessings your way or tend to show a happy result. From our modern viewpoint, we see things less clearly defined: anyone knows that too much of a good thing can be a problem, for example.

But ancient symbols hold a certain resonance, and many astrologers seeing Jupiter and Venus together will feel a warm glow! Jupiter happens to co-rule Pisces, which, from traditional astrology, adds a certain strength and dignity to the planet. The phrase “unable to put a foot wrong” seems appropriate here, especially since Pisces rules the feet. There may well be a scenario opening in which things just seem to go right, no matter what we choose to do or say. Even if we think we’ve made a gaffe, it turns out to be easily accommodated — or any solution we offer is well received. Neptune tags along nicely with Venus and Jupiter, also “happy” in its own sign — what’s not to like!

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer written by Diana McMahon Collis

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