Sunday night Translation!

Aloha all,

The has two tools we use for reestablishing, or re-remembering our essence and cause, absoluteness. 1) Translation; a 5 step written syllogistic conversation, the 5th step is one’s conclusion which is truth absolutely, in heaven using axioms as the only means of communicating beyond our sense’s and reestablishing the truth in the absolute. Every Sunday night a 7;00 pm on Skype. Note; 2) RHS ing is the other tool, another system of syllogistic arguing using, accusing of the character role playing of others and realizing any limitations one felt during any difficult situations that may have arisen. And of course Joseph tech in the Bible for releasing same role playing as to all role’s that were played out any time in our experience?

Sense testimony; bargaining efforts that are ignored lead to disconnection from wants, wishes and dreams. ( In other words if our parents or other so called authority figures, never really gave us as children an opportunity to express our selves in any conversation, or as well cut us off saying we didn’t have a voice any one wanted to hear)?

Conclusions; 1) The universal flow is vast mind awareness, orderly eternal innate self.

2) Abundant fulfilling agreement is instantaneously all powerfully, all knowing, ever present in each and every individuation of One Mind Truth I Am.

3) Truth is continuously evolving, self observing, self aware I am I, life itself substantial agreement, understanding, communicating which is innate capacity for abundant fulfillment being innate, individuation continuously in harmonious expression.


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