Translators:  Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Mike Zonta, Hanz Bolen, Alex Gambeau

SENSE TESTIMONY:  People and groups get stuck in routines that lack vitality and do not promote progress.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth is one indistinguishable group: lawful, vital, adult, stuck on Itself and promoting Itself directly.

2)  People and groups are the I AM I in Infinite Cause totality of Reality in Design Intelligence or Mind.

3)  All is Infinite Consciousness Beingness — the indomitable formless force, that is always succeeding and transcending, by continually expressing with exuberant dynamic vigor, the absolutely limitless variety, that always presses onward and advances forward.

4)  The Instantaneous Expression of Individuated One Truth is Clear, Principled, Valued,and Self Evidently Harmonious and Complete.

5)  Truth Apprehends, Comprehends with Characteristic Distinction: Self Stimulating With Unquenchable Fire, this Androgynous Master-Piece-Work, the Only Cosmic Comic Spirit, Fully Precipitating, Fully Comprehending Autismiscal Creativity, Aggressively Driven Thriving Living Life Force: Admitting It’s Own Innate Progression.

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