Book: “Ontological Mysticism: An Experience of God”

Front Cover

Spirit Press, LLCMar 12, 2011 – 190 pages

Mysticism, the full realization of God cannot be attained through thoughts or words. The Archetype of the Story of Exodus provides a paradigm of spiritual development that includes spiritualized intellect symbolized by Moses. Mr. Gilberti’s tome is more than his personalized writing, but rather takes you through the maze of thought to new realizations. Using Carl Jung’s concept of archetype symbols and Aristotle’s method of reasoning you are led to the brink of your mind in An Experience of God. There will be those who will no longer run from the fear, who will go into free fall, who will begin to trust the world more to be what it always has been and always will be — God. The taboo against sensuousness, the indictment and conviction of Eros as evil, effectively puts us at odds with the entirety of our creation as the universe, since we know this creation only through our senses.

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