“Perspective on Purpose” by Calvin Harris, H.W., M.


Taking a clue from the Kwanzaa principle Nia or the concept “purpose” gave me a chance to look deep into my purpose as a Prosperos Mentor and as a Life Coach, in preparation for the new year, much of this week has been going over, to revisiting, getting a clearer Perspective of the Prosperos purpose from a historic point of view and to understand the Role I play in its continuation.  Digging up old personal letters from Thane to myself.  Re-reading Mary Ritley’s “Sexuality: The Sea of Creation.,” but more importantly what Thane had written down as his vision for a teacher in his  School, amongst his words to students as a whole. To find the instruction and wisdom to the Mentors and Teachers buried within the pages of “Not So Secret Doctrine.”, “Old Wine in New Bottles”, and importantly for me at this time, one of Thane’s last manuscript “Philosophy of Ontology.”

Thane opens “Philosophy of Ontology” with a quote from Margery Louis Baring “The mind of humanity must become educated to a new culture, a universal knowledge of Being, capable of embracing the conception of all men (i.e. mankind), regardless of race, color and creed.”  Thane further lays a foundation by expressing “…Civilization has progressed to the place where enlightenment must recognize higher dimensions of life if the man (potential), the unknown, is to become known…The real tragedy and heresy is that we make small in our daily lives what we make large in our sanctimonious moments…when we have gained even a modicum of Understanding, it is to prepare us to evangelize where we work and where we live. We each have a ‘meeting place’ within, but the Great Work is out there! Not in proselytizing as such but more in a living testimony of the truth of Beingness …While this knowledge of Truth is simple, it is the most difficult to impart…it has to be so clearly perceived by the imparter that the perception is conveyed to the listener in a nonverbal way (Mentor preparation to do face to face, body gestures, humor, sound, smell, sight.) …Thanes approach to teaching…is AGAPE..in his classes, in open lectures, on tap and in his writings…Perhaps to some of his students, the most important factor of all was his humor…his timing and his judgment of when humor is the best therapy of all…Thane’s legacy (he writes) can be found today in the instructors, counselors, students, classes…which forms the conduit called the Prosperos…His goal was to reach each individual student at his or her point of confusion and frustration…to be meaningful guidance for those seeking a more holistic view of themselves and their world ( that for me that meant to have the contact with live Mentors,  teaching, counseling, and personal correspondence with both Thane and Mentors). Thane continued For that reason Thane taught in the Oral tradition and updated lessons to his students…Thane in this understanding went beyond his teachers, it is his ultimate goal that in time his students (Mentors and Teachers) will surpass him.

 Nia or purpose, as I have come to see it, as a Prospero Mentor and Life Coach, imposes a duty for me to function in a manner to provide our community, families, and neighborhoods by way of the students/seekers of spiritual growth an environment with conditions for developing, and thriving. Our community should function as the principal source, the contact point, the place Of Agape – “Where in the student faithfully receives the teaching and will give it in the same detail as ‘Thane’ has done… supplying the message of words when needed or apparently desired…for the student and seeker who has come to earn their right and illumination of Truth, in the School of individual progress and hard knocks…For the Mentor, it is not to preach but rather to teach constantly by precept and action of courageous living. It requires the speaking of Truth …to the accustomed and unaccustomed places” – Old Wine in New Bottles – Thane.

I look forward to the New Year with the love and support of a devoted Association of Mentors actively engage in its life – those members who step up – love it, spend time with it, challenge it, and are interested in what it does and wants to do, and will be a part of what it accomplishes day to day.



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