Open your eyes – Should you lose what you love in order to realize this…?

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Published on Oct 5, 2017…

After months of work, I am so happy to share this with you.

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I also want to thank personally my team for their work and commitment.

To begin with, I especially want to thank David and Amandine, that I love and are important to me for their co-directing, their creativity, their commitment, their desire to give to others and their joy of living always makes me smile.

Axl for his beautiful music.

Messia and Thibaut for their very focused help to improve my English.
Alban, Timy, Julie, Gaetan for their several hours giving me feedback.

Gabriel for his contribution and his wonderful acting.

Sophie, Alban and the little Gabriel for showing their love in this video.
David’s dad for reminding us how our parents are essentials.
Elia for her dedication to help us add the subtitles.

And to everyone that directly or indirectly contributed to this project.

And finally, thanks for watching this video and share it if you liked it.

Let’s open our eyes on how lucky we are to be alive and to be surrounded by the people we love.


Subtitles available : In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Rusian, Italian

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