Marianne Williamson – Forgiving and Releasing 2020

Marianne Williamson If ever there was a year to put to bed, it’s 2020. The stress and anxiety caused by so many factors – from Covid-19 to a contentious presidential election – have left many of us exhausted, even traumatized. But it’s not enough to say good-bye to 2020. We owe it to ourselves to set our intentions high for 2021. Join Marianne Williamson for a year-end 2020 wrap-up. Let’s not carry the anxiety of this year with us… Let’s forgive and release this year, and receive the miracle of new possibilities… Let’s leave it at the door and make way for new beginnings… This year was tough, but let’s decide right now that next year will be miraculous. Join Marianne in preparing the way for miracles, and enjoying the thought that we can navigate the times in which we live with the power and strength that love provides.

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