“The Love of Art shall save the World” with Gwyllm Llwydd

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Gwyllm Llwydd has long swum through the seas of Art & Entheogensia. His early artistic influences were Willifred Sätty, Max Ernst, Rick Griffin and various schools of Buddhist Mandala Art. Join us as experiential journalist Rak Razam chats with Gwyllm, artist and publisher of “The Invisible College Magazine” on EarthRites.org and curator of one of the greatest collection of historical visionary art on the internet. Together they discuss the role of visionary art in culture from Dreamtime cave walls to William Blake, the Surrealists, Ernst Fusch, Salvador Dali, Roberto Venosa, Pablo Amaringo, Alex and Allyson Grey and Android Jones’ virtual reality installations and many points in-between. Is visionary art not just a representation of altered states but a mapping of the same? Are artists information transfer specialists from higher dimensions to this one that bring forth the Divine Spark? Can the Love of Art Save the Earth? For more information see: https://gwyllm.com ;
http://www.invisiblecollege-publishing.com ; and gwyllm-art.com. You can also connect with Gwyllm on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or via email: llwydd (at) earthrites (dot) org

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