Leo Full Moon, Blue Moon, Supermoon, Lunar Eclipse, Jan. 31, at 5:26 am PST at 12 degrees

This Full Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow and give us a total lunar Eclipse. The totality will last for approximately an hour and 15 minutes. The term Blue Moon just represents two Full Moons in one calendar month. It’s the first of two Blue Moons in 2018. This is also the third and last in a series of three Full Moon Supermoons. So it’s not just a total lunar eclipse, or a Blue Moon, or a supermoon. It’s all three, a super Blue Moon total lunar eclipse. This eclipse can be seen in most of western North America, northwestern South America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, eastern Africa, eastern Europe, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

The last Supermoon total lunar eclipse was in September 2015. And the last super Blue Moon total eclipse happened on December 30, 1982. And it is sometimes called a Blood Red Moon because it will be so close to the western horizon at sunrise causing it to appear red.

I have people ask me if all of the hype about this complex Full Moon makes a difference in its intensity and impact on the earth. Two of the characteristics do add to its intensity, the increased gravitational pull on the earth of a SuperMoon, and the overall impact of a Lunar Eclipse. The energies of a Supermoon are immediate contributing to bigger and stronger storms and earthquakes due to its closer proximity to the earth. The effects of the Lunar Eclipse takes a few months to fully manifest and are not immediate.

A Lunar Eclipse can create a significant shift in the Collective Consciousness. With the Moon in Leo, it represents issues of the heart. Some individuals may feel deep emotions from the past that they are ready to process for understanding, clarity and healing. Those who will feel the most energetic impact of this Full Moon are those with significant Leo and Aquarius in their natal chart. Look at your chart and find which houses are impacted.

In addition, this eclipse activates an approximate two-week period (January 31st thru February 15th)between this Lunar Eclipse and the New Moon Solar Eclipse (on February 15th) when we will have increased power for manifestation. During this 16-day period it is most important that you become aware of your thoughts and consciously focus on what you truly desire. What you create with your thoughts, positive or negative, will manifest in your world and be projected out into the world during the coming six-months.

With the Full Moon in the fixed sign of Leo, we all could enjoy being social and entertained. Leo enjoys controlling the agenda, which is often in their favor. Leo can be the big child so this is a great time to be creative and playful and to enjoy your inner child. Be cautious however, the desire to be seen and valued can express in unconscious drama. Be aware of the impact your behavior and personality has on those around you. Be loving and generous and avoid being demanding.

The Sun is in Aquarius, also a fixed sign, means aquarians cling to their ideas and beliefs. They are very independent and freedom-oriented. They tend to be friendly, independent, quirky, progressive thinkers and humanitarians by nature. They are not usually very emotional or affectionate, and are the polar opposite of the more playful Leo.

While Leo Moon energy is heart-centered, the Aquarian Sun energy is logical and intellectual, creating a push/pull sensation in our emotions and our relationships. It is helpful to balance our emotional and intellectual natures, especially if we are open and willing to listen to, and consider the opposing points-of-view. You don’t have to agree but just the act of listening could bring insight and healing to a situation.

Mercury is at 29 degrees Capricorn. The 29th degree of any sign calls for a mastery level of development and expression. It is important to be in integrity with our highest truth in our personal, professional and political dealings; to be in our integrity with our words. It urges us to strive for accuracy in our communications with others.

There are two other planets in Capricorn, Pluto and Saturn. This is a time for taking a personal inventory. Are we taking responsibility for our commitments and obligations? Are we showing up? This is the perfect time to focus on personal mastery, and to honor with integrity our thoughts, words and actions. Pluto represents the death of the old ways and the birth of the new. Saturn represents old structures and habits. Use the energy of Pluto to break up those old structures and habitual patterns and start creating the new you.

Written by Wendy Cicchetti

Full Moon symbolizes the fulfillment of the seeds planted at a previous New Moon or some earlier cycle. Each Full Moon reminds us of the seeds that may be coming to maturity, to their fullness, to fruition, to the place where the fruits or gifts are received. It may seem that fulfillment of our goals takes a long time. Some intentions may manifest within the two week phase prior to the next New or Full Moon. Some however, depending on their complexity, may take a much longer time. Just remember that our thoughts and emotions set Universal Action in motion and much work takes place behind the scenes as everything is orchestrated for fulfillment. Keep visualizing your goals as though you have already attained them and they will eventually manifest. Do not concern yourself with current conditions or worry about controlling it. The universe takes care of those details. Just keep seeing what you want, and move in that direction with your actions, and give no energy to what you don’t want. Patience is required.

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