Keep Practicing Ceaselessly

“The most important thing is that you keep practicing ceaselessly. A thousand scriptures cannot be more valuable than the single-minded desire to practice ceaselessly day in and day out. ⠀⠀This, you alone can choose to prioritize. Scriptures can only inspire you, by promising you that it is worth your every effort, your every struggle, your every dark night of the soul. ⠀⠀

Persevere, my friends. Become a top athlete in the world of sincere self-inquiry, offering everything you think and do to the One Infinite Creator. Soon the illusory dividing line between your sense of self and your true formless and eternal Self will fade. This is the regaining of your original freedom. ⠀⠀

But be patient. Be sincere about it. It’s the dedication of a lifetime of moments, not just a couple of weeks of moments. Even the uncompleted arduous road of ceaseless practice, when sincerely taken, is more blissful and rich in God-Essence than a life lived randomly banging about in the illusory enjoyment of sense objects. ⠀⠀

Be proud of yourself without pride, for undertaking this journey. Love yourself without puffing up your ego. Be kind to yourself and lighten up, without losing focus on what matters. God is what you are already. Practice realizing this. ⠀⠀

Even a single sincere effort to know God directly—not through symbols—is never in vain; while a million insincere motions made in mind and world are lost forever without any merit for your soul to stand on whatsoever.”

— Bentinho Massaro

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