Infinity Resonating as Finite Definition

It is only because of infinite possibility that a particular possibility can exist. And it is only because all possibilities exist in their particularity that infinite possibility is true.

Image result for infinite resonanceThere could be no Father without the Son, nor any Son without the Father. The Father and the Son are ONE. The infinite and the finite are ONE. Without finite particular expression, infinite possibility would be a sham.

What you really are is infinite possibility, and because of that you need not feel trapped in the finite definition your form has taken; you realize that it is your infinity that is the sole source of the experience of finite definition; you realize that your experience of finite definition arises solely out of your well of infinite possibility and hence a feeling of limitation is impossible.

As a result, you find yourself experiencing finite definition without feeling limited in any way. You are infinite possibility intending to experience this one particular possibility that you experience yourself to be right now.

Let go of resisting it or judging it in any way, and suddenly all that finite definition feels as light as awareness itself, and to your secondary delight, turns out to be as malleable as awareness itself.

It is only when you’ve completely let go of wanting to change anything, that it seems to miraculously respond instantly to your slightest intention.

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Just as the Father spoke from the heavens these same words about Jesus at his baptism, you now be still, know yourself to be Truth, and say of your finite definition: “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am Well Pleased.”

From that baptism on, the self of you that is finite is forever the finite definition of the beloved Son of the infinite possibility of the Father, always and forever one with the Father. In this way, infinity is reflected in each finite definition, and this is also why such finite definition is called sacred geometry.

One’s intention then, acting instantly and effortlessly on all finite definition, can only be resonant with cosmic intention, and thereby the intention of infinity becomes expressed in finite definition. The Word is made flesh and dwells amongst us. That is sacred geometry. All then becomes the beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.

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