Coming Through

By Heather C. Williams, H.W., M.

December 27, 1987

Coming through!

I AM coming through!

The dark night of misperceived relationships
Is dissolving before my eyes as I see
The true shape of Loving Unconditionally.

Talk to me about financial acceptance,
Rewards and percentages.
I can afford to receive
Now that I can give what I treasure.

I actively perceive my greatest good.
I actively let go of the package it uses to attract my attention. Adversity that once energized my longing for a Higher Vision is now seen as a sense testimony to Translate.

I AM coming through!

Together like family members clustered around the gene pool,
My thoughts congregate with precision timing creating everything
I call my world.
Predictable, most of it.
Occasionally I am awakened by an unexpected face, sound, color… A potential new world,
Whereupon my highest and deepest joy comes splashing through.

I AM coming through!

Throw off the heavy robes of belief in lack and limitation.
Burn the bags of “not-good-enough-yet” stuff.
Celebrate the arrival of the parade of “Self-Directed-Individuals” all around.
Speak of it quietly amidst wet morning kisses with your lover.
We are parenting a New Self!
This is the greatest hour.
Let yourself be embraced by Unconditional Love.

I AM coming through and I AM loving myself exactly as I AM!

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