Awareness of Attention

Just grab a hold of your attention and maintain that for increasingly longer periods of time and you will begin to know my world, which is yours in truth as well.

Every second that you are aware of your attention itself, you are in a state of self-recognition where more of your Source will be revealed to you, and innate abilities, most importantly of all: your deeper identity as an expanded consciousness, will be unveiled to you.

Awareness of attention is the state of mastery and the womb of endless possibilities and manifestations. Conversely; every second spent unaware of your attention is another moment spent in unintended victimhood, where your sense of who you are is governed by a program spoon-fed to you by your environment since birth.

Free yourself, my friend. Grab ahold of your attention. That is all. This is the master key to all realities, truths, and manifestations.

Bentinho Massaro

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