Tarot Card for April 1: The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands

As a suit, Wands are direct, determined and connected to Will and its appropriate application. The Queen of Wands represents a woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and aims at her goals with great dedication.

She is often a woman who has experienced conflict and trauma, and learned from these. She’s usually independent, forthright and self-motivated. As a friend she will be loyal and honest, though sometimes given to handing out unwelcome advice, and taking over.

As a parent she can be quite dominant, claiming that she wants her off spring to be self-reliant and confident, but sometimes tending to become impatient, and do things on their behalf in her own way, rather than allowing her children to make up their own minds.

She’s a fighter, who does not suffer fools gladly. She will support and assist those who are vulnerable and needy, offering unceasing energy and determination. She takes up causes readily, and proves herself a worthy adversary. However she has a tendency not to know when to stop, and enjoys being at the forefront of the battle, rather than beavering away on the more routine aspects of any campaign.

This is a forceful and proud woman. She applies high standards to everything she becomes involved in. As a result, she can sometimes be somewhat intolerant of people who do things differently.

So – The Queen of Wands – a fine ally, and a dangerous enemy!

The Queen of Wands

(via angelpaths.com and Alan Blackman)

“The Impersonal Whispers of Nature”

Rupert Spira Is everything in the world made of matter or consciousness? What exactly are matter and consciousness? Rupert Spira joins Bernardo Kastrup, scientist and author, in a deep exploration of science and spirituality and how they inevitably meet on the same path to truth. The conversation proves that anyone, from any background, can come to the same universal understanding that non-duality teaches; that peace and happiness is who we truly are. Rupert came to this understanding through 40 years of spiritual practice in the vedantic and tantric traditions, while Bernardo studied the professional fields of computer science and engineering. Moderated by Simon Mundie, the discussion covers various topics as Rupert and Bernardo dissect solipsism, idealism and materialism. Through it all, they both came to the same recognition which is that peace and love surpasses all understanding, and is the very nature of everyone and everything. Timestamps: 00:00 How Rupert and Bernardo Met 02:33 Spiritual and Scientific Backgrounds Meet 08:04 Physics, Metaphysics, Perennial and Non-Dual Understandings 11:00 What is Reality? 14:49 Sense Perceptions and Experiencing 24:30 Solipsism, Idealism, and Materialism 27:48 Everything is in Consciousness 34:50 What is Consciousness? 40:00 What is Matter? 46:30 Qualities of Experience 50:40 Science and the Church 56:20 Learning From Suffering 1:01:00 The Peace That Passeth All Understandings 1:10:00 Non Dual Understanding and Misconceptions 1:16:20 The Purpose of Life 1:26:20 Refining Your Life Through Non Duality 1:28:00 What is Wrong With Materialism? 1:29:10 The Brain, The Mind, and Individuality 1:38:00 Individual vs The Ego 1:43:00 Who Am I? Our True Identity 1:47:00 What Is Accurate About Idealism? 1:52:21 Phenomenal Consciousness Vs Meta-Consciousness 1:59:00 Dissociative Identity Disorder 2:05:00 Three Consequences of the Non-Dual Understanding 2:09:40 Death, Associations and Dreams 2:17:00 The Result of the Non Duality


Definition of nondualism

1: a doctrine of classic Brahmanism holding that the essential unity of all is real whereas duality and plurality are phenomenal illusion and that matter is materialized energy which in turn is the temporal manifestation of an incorporeal spiritual eternal essence constituting the innermost self of all things (Merriam-Webster.com)