Your Personal Mythology Part I (Masculinity from the Inside Out)

Rick Belden Rick Belden and Christopher Jamal Wilson talk about the need boys have for heroes (both real and fictional), the process by which they identify their heroes, some of the traps that come with both having a hero and trying to be one, and how understanding your own heroic models, impulses, and motivations can help you move forward more effectively with what matters most to you as a man. You can watch the second part of this conversation at…. You can watch the third part of this conversation at…. For additional information from Rick on this topic, see: * “My life with Iron Man” at * “Personal mythology and its relevance for men” at… Rick Belden is a poet, author, artist, and life coach who helps men who are feeling stuck get their lives moving again. For more information and to schedule a free discovery session with Rick, visit​ Christopher Jamal Wilson works to greater understand and expand human consciousness through his ventures as a student, coach, and entrepreneur. His content aims to document his journey of truth seeking in a way that adds practical value to the lives of others. To see more, visit Follow Rick: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:… Follow Chris: YouTube:… Instagram:…

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