Virgo New Moon, August 30, 2019

Wendy Cicchetti

The Virgo New Moon has a feisty accent, with the Sun and Moon being so closely conjunct Mars. However, 4° further on sits Venus, possibly adding a softening edge to the planetary proceedings. Venus is sometimes described as being figuratively able to pour balm on a situation, which seems appropriate for relating to any damage or harm that Mars could manage to mete out. Though Mars is a planet that gets thing done quickly, it can sometimes ride roughshod over the territory it covers.

That territory may, of course, be inhabited by people and their feelings — whether at home or at work, out and about, pursuing hobbies, running errands, etc. In relationships of all kinds and in all sorts of places, then, there is the potential for one person to push, prod, or jab too hard, or merely try to rush things. All of which may rebound on the pushy individual because, on the other side of that same situation, someone could feel hurt, taken advantage of, or simply not considered.

Arguably, with these planets and the New Moon all in the famously finicky sign of Virgo, it is doubtful that any injured party will let details pass them by. So, there may be a backlash on a particular item and possibly through some kind of pointed response. If that sounds a bit risky or threatening, it probably is.

But we can also hope that all will come out well, with Venus bringing up the rear in the Virgo stellium!(three planets conjunct) For this is where the healing balm might work its powers — or where someone’s ability to make an attractive offer could soften an otherwise harsh and uncomfortable situation.

According to traditional astrology, Venus placed in Virgo is in its fall: unable to operate with quite so much dignity, strength, or even neutrality, as when it is placed in some of the other signs. So, it’s fair to say that Venus’s damage control is truly limited, or that her attractive factor is slightly hampered, and her healing strategies perhaps cannot be pushed to the hilt. It could even be that Mars in Virgo is so critical and cutting that Venus almost cowers in its wake.

This seems reflective of the need to discern when a situation is just too much to handle or when it could be detrimental to try to intervene. Sometimes, the answer is to give a peace offering, but not to assume that it will automatically be accepted — at least, at that time.

What is also interesting in this lunation, though, is that Mercury, Juno, the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Venus are all aligned in trine to Uranus in Taurus. This earthy liaison with the planet of surprises and innovations suggests that practical solutions may appear out of nowhere. So, a problem could turn out to be not as problematic as it first appears!

The answer is out there somewhere — it is just not the answer we first think of. Because Mercury and Venus are a part of the trine to Uranus, there does seem to be potential for a chance connection or discussion which turns life’s wheel for the better.

Venus in the sign of the New Moon is also trine Saturn in Capricorn, adding the need for a sense of propriety around any Venusian gesture. Allowing a slightly looser orb of aspect for trines (normally thought to be around 6°), we can also see an earth grand trine in this lunation chart, which echoes the theme of practicality more strongly.

Saturn is not as closely connected to most of the Virgo stellium planets, though, compared with Uranus. So, while a certain level of tried-and-tested methodology may have relevance, it is probably the extra layer of Uranian innovation that will help matters to more fully progress.

Managing to meet the needs of a variety of individuals, all very different from one another, may be the true challenge here, with the one-size-fits-all, traditional strategy of Saturn feeling a bit outmoded. This may be more noticeable in the Virgo-ruled sector of health.

We should not forget, either, that Virgo tends to value templates to work with, as long as they include all the needed details. An unforeseen master stroke might also come through, particularly if any such template involves new technology.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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