Virgin Birth

September 23, 2020

By Mike Zonta, H.W., M., BB editor

I was sitting down relaxing yesterday in preparation for my daily two hour walk. Talking to the 37.2 trillion cells that make up what I call my body. Hoping that I’ve lived up to the best of my genetic heritage which has taken billions of years to come up with what I call me.

Then wondered if I reincarnated would I still have karma to work out with this lineage.

Then realized Harold Julius Oberhaus was not my real father. God (aka infinite Mind, Truth, Cosmic Consciousness, the Universe) was.

My Dad and Mom may have had a really good time some sultry night in early August 1945, but Dad was never my father. God was.

I didn’t come out of genetic lineage. I came out of Consciousness.

So maybe that Virgin Birth story was not just the story of Jesus’s birth, but the archetypal story of all our births.

None of us were born of Joseph and Mary. Our real father, our real parent was and is God.

And enlightenment comes, I guess, when we realize that we’re not children at all. We are the Creator Him/Herself.

I and the Father are one. I and the Mother are one.

But until then, we can comfort ourselves by realizing that our parents were not really our parents.

God was our parent.

No matter our race or gender, God was our parent.

No matter our sexual orientation, God was our parent.

No matter what, God was our real parent.

So we’ve all had a Virgin Birth,

And we are all the Christ child

And, in some cases, the Christ adult.

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