V.S. Pritchett on Christian Science

“[Christian Scientists] gave up drink, tobacco, tea, coffee–dangerous drugs–they gave up sex, and wrecked their marriages on this account, and it was notoriously a menopause religion.”

“Many of the good people–though mostly the bossy ones–in the church that met at the Town Hall were knowing the Truth about each other right and left. And even more, they were enjoined to “voice” it when it was opportune; it was constantly opportune and rarely complimentary. Father “voiced” very often to a Mrs. E. who “voiced” back. Not to “know the Truth” was a certain way of “letting Error into consciousness.”

–V.S. Pritchett in A Cab to the Door

Sir Victor Sawdon Pritchett CH CBE FRSL (December 16, 1900 – March 20, 1997) was a British writer and literary critic. Pritchett was known particularly for his short stories, collated in a number of volumes. His non-fiction works include the memoirs A Cab at the Door and Midnight Oil, and many collections of essays on literary biography and criticism. Wikipedia

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