Thomas Campbell on Remote Viewing, Transcendental Meditation, and Speaking to Entities [Part 2 of 2]

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God:​ Help support conversations like this via PayPal:​ Twitter:​ iTunes:…​ Pandora:​ Spotify:…​ Google Podcasts:…​ iTunes:…​ * * * 00:00:00​ Introduction / Chit-chat 00:03:09​ Views on Eric Weinstein and Wolfram’s Theories of Everything 00:06:09​ Has “My Big TOE” been published in academic journals? 00:07:19​ Back to Wolfram’s computational model of reality 00:08:44​ Brian Whitworth’s TOE vs Wolfram’s 00:12:29​ Klee Irwin’s account of consciousness 00:15:16​ What predictions does Thomas’ TOE make? 00:30:35​ On “entities” and communicating with them 00:42:01​ Visiting “other worlds” in your mind 00:44:18​ Giving advice to Curt on Transcendental Meditation 00:47:39​ How can you have an “intention” but not use your “intellectual” in meditation? 00:50:01​ Beginner tips for meditating 00:53:29​ Should I meditate while getting a massage? 00:59:20​ Training someone (from scratch) to remote view 01:04:01​ Binaural beats and meditation 01:11:13​ Can Thomas demonstrate his psychic abilities right now? 01:12:35​ What evidence can Thomas cite (right now) regarding his theories? 01:15:16​ Real remote viewing vs. fake 01:20:25​ Using children to test if remote viewing works 01:24:06​ Impressions from non-physical reality come to you instantly 01:26:19​ Why can’t you use psychic abilities to win the lottery? 01:27:54​ The evidence for the paranormal 01:28:56​ The Randi prize and further evidence for Psi 01:35:56​ Where do aliens / UFO’s fit into this model? 01:36:55​ On Bob Lazar 01:39:59​ Curt’s explications on Thomas’ view of Curt 01:42:01​ Why should I care if my “consciousness” survives death if my personality / relationships don’t survive? 01:47:56​ AUO is outside our imagination. Why the choicy use of tellurian concepts? 01:51:39​ Curt’s final judgements Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I’m producing an imminent documentary Better Left Unsaid​ on the topic of “when does the left go too far?” Visit that site if you’d like to contribute to getting the film distributed (early-2021).

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