Taurus Full Moon October 31, 2020

Wendy Cicchetti

The Taurus Full Moon is also a Blue Moon — the second of two Full Moons occurring in one month. The unusual repeat of the lunar cycle causes October to be a more intense time, overall. For some, it will be a monumental period that marks a turning point by which we can measure the progress (or demise) of an aspect of our lives. For others, it may simply be that there is a stronger focus on emotional ups and downs — or on life being much fuller than usual, whether with people or plans, requests, obligations, etc.

This lunation provides an opportunity to finally deal with a situation that has been stuck or has proven to be a sticking point. When Taurus is presented with an obstacle, it is often used as an excuse not to move forward. Of course, there can be strength in saying no. But there are other clues, besides the Blue Moon, that a situation could — and should — change quite suddenly now, despite the many reasons why we think it cannot.

Uranus in Taurus exactly conjuncts the Full Moon, putting the lens on some sort of breakthrough or breakdown. Perhaps the former needs the latter! Either way, a sense of the unusual pervades this lunation, encouraging us to embrace what we do not instantly recognize or approve. This may sound counterintuitive, and with the Moon involved, we could be tempted to fall back on old habits and patterns. Try as we might, we find that they don’t really bring answers, solve problems, or satisfy us — though they do briefly intensify any illusions that we hold onto.

Since significant Uranus activity signals great, forceful winds of change, we can expect rapid growth as we tread on unfamiliar territory. Whilst unsettling in some ways, the journey will likely be exciting and offer a glimpse of a much better way of connecting with life. Grip something stabilizing to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed; preferably something that provides a sense of safety rather than harmful activities or behaviors.

Venus disposits the Moon and is around 5° of orb to the same degree of Libra that the Sun was crossing at the time of the previous Full Moon on October 1. As that Moon was conjunct Chiron in Aries, there are echoes now of a healing opportunity appearing that was illuminated by the previous Full Moon. Venus provides the means to progress via specific actions or gestures. Since Venus in Libra is the classic peacemaker, she wants a win–win situation for both parties in one-on-one relationships. She can bring a peace offering now, whether in the form of a physical gift or a kind, loving, or affectionate gesture. She can also be seductive and make an offer not easily refused!

One of Venus’s current challenges is a lack of aspects with other planets, so we may not feel easily supported, and/or we will find it difficult to reach out to others. Looking back on memories of past successes, or on kind deeds from others, can provide some needed impetus, however. For instance, if you feel you cannot easily bridge a communication gap with someone to show them you care, think back to a time when they, or another, managed to do this for you. What did you like about that gesture? Maybe it made you feel special and respected, for example. Now is the time to consider what you could do to connect with the person so that they feel appreciated or acknowledged. Although we cannot anticipate others’ reactions — or know their true needs — we can demonstrate that we care. Doing so will be especially helpful if a recent development cast any doubt.

Unaspected Venus may also signify an internal disconnection, letting us know that it’s time to turn kindness inwards and value what is within us. When Venus does not make major aspects with other planets, she is rather out on her own, intensifying the Venusian qualities. Meaning, we may feel a great deal of yearning and a strong need to love and be loved. Yet the status of the planet without a supporting cast indicates a possible lack of suitors or friends, or disconnection from family — for a variety of reasons, including being in an isolated location. If we cannot reach out, we can redirect the channel of love and kindness inwards. Recognizing our own merit and good qualities is powerful!

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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