Translators:  Mike Zonta, Hanz Bolen, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Cadres working against each other can cause antagonism and impeachment.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth is the unimpeachable, inexcusable protagonist, always at the center of everything, already a complete success with no additional effort required, one cadre working harmoniously everywhere.

2)  One Infinite Consciousness, is boundlessly comprehensive and limitlessly inclusive, of all genuine goodness and authentic legitimacy — invincibly empowering the supremacy of Truth, that is always indivisible and thus indomitable.

3)  Truth I AM is abundantly touching, knowing, guiding all, a self evident radiance of powerful presence, agreement and well being.

4)  Truth is the Nucleus: Energy Workshop, this Effectively Operational Influence Exerts’ it’s Cognitive Narrative: Agency of Celebration, Being I AM THOU CONSCIOUSNESS, , Because I AM, Knows’ that Truth is straight on the Mark, this likeness is the Perfume that Thoroughly Enriches life Itself.

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