Translators:  Mike Zonta, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Hanz Bolen, Sarah Flynn

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Anger and frustration from a history of lost lives and livelihoods cause riotous explosion of energy.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth is the only cause and only effect of all action, always triumphant, the all knowing, all-finding present which includes the so-called past and the so-called future, infinite of mind and body, automatically inclusive of universal unearned and unearnable income/livelihood.

2) Truth is omnipresent constant balance omnipotent fulfilled beingness being all there is.

3)  One Infinite Consciousness, is Being the miraculous Whole of all Life, and the limitless Ways of sustaining it — which is unfolding in evermore harmonious equipoise, and motivating the ecstatic expression of means.

4) Truth is the strongest feeling of excitement, totally, wholly, and completely satisfied, Being the only Thinker, the only Means of valuing value, this Divine erudite Consciousness Awareness androgynous Identity, worthy of explosive applause, Being Ergon the only activity

5) Essential Harmonious Source is known and True, of Sound Well Being in and of Each and Every Individuation and expression As the Complete and total Power of Being, the Cause of All There Is Instantaneously Universal, the Integrity that is Always Everywhere. —All One Essential Harmonious Source is known and Expressed. Everywhere.

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