Skype Astrology Group (from Robert McEwen, H.W., M.)

Aloha Astrology Buffs!~

I am an astrologer of many years. I first started studying when I was 16 with Thane in Beverly Hills.  He gave me the book “The Compleat Astrologer,” by the Parkers.  I just bought another one I liked it so much!   Now I turned 64 and still addicted to its infinite wisdom and practical daily useI love astrology, I love helping people, and I love teaching. Therefor I’m putting together, once again, an astrology Meet-up group focusing on Western natal astrology. This will probably be a weekly thing meeting in downtownor inner city Portland, Oregon.  I am thinking about also doing it on Skype.

The last time I did this was in Portland in 1976.  I did it at my house and hotel spaces, along with doing private readings.  At this potentially-possible Portland group people will be able to share their knowledge/experience with this wonderful art and science.

I know many of you are quite experienced at astrology, so you are welcome to contribute what you want with this wise universal language of the soul.  A group dynamic situation will be used.  Please come share.  I am very excited about this.

 Newcomers are welcome, too, even those who have absolutely zero astro-knowledge. The goals of the group will be to learn and to spark interest with others.  Also to understand there unconscious dynamics and open up and share yours.  If you have your chart handy please use it. All levels of geocosmic science will be covered, starting from most basic and eventually reaching more advanced levels, therefor it will be advantageous to start with the rest of the group at the first meeting and on.  I will be doing participants charts,or they may get theirs done online perhaps. Old timers feel free to teach too and be patient with the beginners please.  However this will be understanding interpretations mostly, the symbolic language.  This is not to learn how to delineate an astrological chart.  It is not a technical class, but we will explore natal chart and transit.  

For now I’m seeing who all in the Portland are is interested in this idea. If/when I receive enough interest I will then organize the details of an actual meet up group. It will probably take place at a coffee shop, like Starbucks, or my apartment community room or living room.  I will serve as moderator and primary teacher.

Any and all people are welcome to come as long as they bring an interest or curiosity and a receptive attitude. Please no close-minded “skeptics” who want to show up solely to put down/hate on astrology. Again, this group will be a fun place for learning and nothing else.

I am also planning on possibly doing this on Skype, if there are 5 or more interested.  Let me know please.  It will be fun!  Thanks for reading this. Hope to hear from you all & looking forward to meeting other people into astrology!

Robert McEwen, H.W., (503) 706-0396

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  1. I’m interested in having you do my chart as,well as joining the group on skype

  2. Ok…thank you. Text me your birth date time and place. 503 706-0396 or face book messenger. you can buy a 30 min. session for $50 paypal: Or pay on messenger. I can do the reading tonight or tomorrow sometime. 1 hr. reading is $75.

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