Sagittarius New Moon, November 23, 2022

Wendy Cicchetti

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon reminds us: if we reach for the sky, we can achieve whatever we wish. There’s the chance to aim high, to put ourselves out there — that we’ll generally recognize more available to us, than when we’re only focused close-up on the flat horizon.

The New Moon sits alongside Venus and Mercury, also in Sagittarius, emphasizing how these energies and ideas extend into a range of areas. Our relationships, our money, creative impulses, and areas of taste are all in the spotlight. The same is true for how we express ourselves, how we think, what we mull over, and who we brood about.

There may be prompts to reach out to a wider circle of friends and acquaintances, work colleagues, or other significant contacts. Whether single or hoping for greater connection in an ongoing relationship, a new phase in romance and fresh possibilities in love may arise. With Sagittarius illuminated, we move away from sameness and head towards more exploratory and exciting territory! This can cover quite a range, of course, but could include contact with someone from another culture or even just spicing up the romantic calendar through new activities. Whatever we focus on, the impetus is to expand and go beyond the known territory.

Since Mercury features in the mix, this could refer to braving a conversation we’ve never had before. Perhaps we bring up a particular subject now because the time feels right, or even just because something new has come into view, which prompts focus on a different subject matter. At the more mundane level, maybe it is literally feeling ready to join a drama group or opera society, or getting involved in comedy or photography! This may be a way of making new social connections, as well as enjoying a fresh agenda — or even providing a chance to share a new interest with someone whose company we enjoy.

An even closer aspect exists in the New Moon’s trine to Jupiter, close to Neptune in Pisces. Given that trines often involve the same elemental triplicity, this may not be obvious at first, since Jupiter is at a late degree of water sign Pisces and the Sun and Moon are in an early degree of fire sign Sagittarius. But in terms of orbs, it’s really quite close (less than three degrees) and maybe there’s something significant in the dissociate, out-of-sign connection.

In other words, whilst the Sagittarius Moon is fiery and forthright, the planets in Pisces emphasize a more fluid, wavy energy. Water can move in lots of ways, of course. But the double bodied nature of Pisces suggests two channels — literally, two fish swimming in opposite directions. So whilst we invest energy in some areas, we also withdraw it in others. Perhaps we don’t have to get stuck on a plan where we’re focused on going full speed ahead — if we get cold feet at the last minute, we can duck out! We can summon the courage to take a big step forward in our lives and the permission to change our minds in the early stages of progress, should things not feel quite right. Either way, with mutable signs emphasized, we do have choices open to us!

A sextile of the New Moon to Pluto is also a part of this lunation. Again, it’s one that could be easily missed since Pluto is in the neighboring sign of Capricorn but not in a similarly early degree to the Moon. It might be more easily recognizable if, for a moment, we imagine that the Moon was actually around 26° Scorpio! The separating aspect suggests that the Plutonic energy is fading away, hinting that our moment to terminate something is coming to pass, or that we have done enough and created an ending that needed to occur. With some deadwood out of the way, we can focus our sights on something new.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer by Diana McMahon Collis

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