“Quantum Astrology” by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

Quantum Astrology is uncovering the power of the archetypes that live within the collective unconscious of each individuation of Infinite Mind.  Each person is a unique design of the whole and encompasses the whole.  In other words, all planets signs of the zodiac.    It is a unique pattern, like the infinite facets of a diamond, but it is one diamond.    It is consciousness conscious of conscious template.
There is a power that can be unleashed as we make the unconscious conscious, as the psychologist  Carl Jung practiced.  He found that having the natal birth chart of his clients sped the process of psycho analysis up tremendously, and had all his clients charts done before even seeing them.  This astrological measurement is the invisible essence of you as a mathematical equation.  This you as a Quantum Potentiality as you observe yourself as this.  This is quite the opposite of the old “fatalism” misunderstanding of astrology.  Unpredictability can be unleashed in quantum astrology as you observe the planet placements, zodiac signs and planetary aspects.  Not only in the natal chart, but the transiting planets through the natal chart.  Thane mentioned you can predict what a group of atoms will do, but not an individual atom!  Let me remind you this all happens at the level of consciousness, and learning to be conscious of consciousness.  This is the quantum part of the equation called “you”!
The is the power of synergy within the birth chart, and it is brought out as the current transiting planets travel in there orb through the 12 signs of the zodiac,   These are archetypes that connect in unique dynamics, and once understood awaken your consciousness in an amazing way that only the individual, you, can experience.  This journey is navigated with the help of self understanding with the help of an astrologer.  They merely interpret the language based on the time and space matrix based on your birth time date and place.  Latitude and Longitude and GMT time converted to a sidereal time, or Universal time. This is where the professional astrologer comes in to help you bring the light to this internal consciousness map.  It is a symbolic interpretation of a rich understanding, or lens,  that you look through to get a universal view of life!
Robert McEwen, H.W.,M
Quantum Astrology Readings Available
via Skype or phone.  $95.00 hr.

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