Open call to artists (from Gwyllm Llwydd)


Working Title: “Diplomacy” Gwyllm – 2016

With the beginning of the The Iraq Invasion, the whole anti-war movement collapsed. Since then, the West has become enmeshed
with an unwinnable “Forever War”… at great cost to civilian populations across the world.

As there is no draft, so there is no need to resist it seems. After all, take away all economic opportunities from the working class, but leave the option of education, health care etc. through the military, and shabam! You have all the cannon fodder available. If we think this wasn’t by design, and social engineering, then I feel we are fully immersed in illusion.

I have not been comfortable with the implied complicity of all involved, and especially those who know better. Yes, there is resistance, but we can no longer count on the media, and especially the corporate media to get the story out.

I am calling on artists to illustrate and to start a movement of resistance that might just catch on. The juggernaut of empire and the attending lawlessness has to end somewhere, and let it at least begin with me.


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  1. There is just a blank box where “Working Title: “Diplomacy” Gwyllm – 2016” should be. Is it a glitch with my browser or the new site?

  2. There it is–thanks.
    It looks a bit squished, but I guess that’s up to Gwyllm to format before it gets to you to publish.

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