Is science dangerous?

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27th August 2020 (

Science was the vehicle of progress and the solution to the world’s ills. The bedrock of the philosophy of the modern West. But now the halo has slipped, and science is now seen by some as a potentially malevolent force: a tool of the military-industrial complex, a damaging exploiter of natural resources, an ideology masquerading as a single source of objective truth.

Should we welcome this shift in our perception of science as the end of an unquestioned belief in a false god? Or is it a dangerous and potentially disastrous slide into prejudice and superstition, that will leave us poorer, less safe, and less in control of our lives?

Senior editor of Nature Henry Gee, training fellow at The Crick Institute Güneş Taylor and philosopher of Consciousness Philip Goff debate the key to progress. David Malone hosts.

This video was recorded at the Institute of Art and Ideas’ annual philosophy and music festival HowTheLightGetsIn. For more information and tickets, visit

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