“I have no anger toward Donald Trump.”

I have no anger toward Donald Trump. I see him as a deeply traumatized soul with very little introspection. I also have a viewpoint. He appears to be interested mainly in treating the US as a business. But the people of the US are not products to be bought and sold. And many issues must be looked out without an eye on making the rich richer. I live in LA with thousands of homeless people in the streets, nothing to eat or drink most of the day, begging for what they can find just to make it one more day. I see a country frightened by a pandemic that we haven’t had good leadership around. I see the Black Lives Matter movement taking shape and calling for reform for hundreds of years of oppression. And yet our leader will not acknowledge this much-needed call for reform.

Yes, these are all just thoughts. I’m not suffering over them.

But . . .

I will not vote for this man. I don’t see him as someone who deeply cares about all people in this country.

There I said it. To break the silence of so many teachers who will not share an opinion about politics. Why won’t they share them? Maybe they don’t want to lose followers. Maybe they are stuck in nothingness. I don’t know. I won’t be silent though. I have a platform and I like to use it, even if I lose people or friends in the course of it.

Being authentic and honest about all this is more important to me than having followers or friends.

Love you all, whether we agree or not!

Scott Kiloby

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