Gun Violence Archive

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Gun Violence Archive

Source:     Gun Violence Archive
Publication Date:     22 November 2022 (used)
Link: Gun Violence Archive

Stephan:   As we all listen, read, and watch the latest mass murder in the U.S. are you noticing that almost no politicians are talking about serious gun control? We have had 601 mass murders since 1 January 2022 that have killed almost 40,000 people so far, all involving guns, yet nothing serious is happening about military-style weapons like AR-15s. It has gotten to a point that one faces a measure of risk going anywhere to anything where a group of people are gathering, and the risk goes up significantly if it is a non-Christian religious gathering, an LGBTQ gathering, or something attracting non-Whites.

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One thought on “Gun Violence Archive”

  1. 22,000 being suicides. That being said, there is an uptick of 2k murders by guns over the last year. These numbers pale in comparison to the gun violence of the 1980’s early 90’s.

    What is the actual driving force then? Could it be social, economics, what? Gun deaths on the main seem to be the symptom, of something far deeper, but no politician will address the underlying societal currents IMO.

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