Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, November 30th, 2020

Wendy Cicchetti

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Gemini Full Moon involves a partial eclipse — penumbral, to be precise — so it won’t be an especially obvious one. The Sun will illuminate most of the Moon, but a tiny section will be blotted out by the Earth’s shadow. We will experience this as just a small blot on the landscape. It won’t be enough to fully upset our situation or thwart our hopes and dreams, though there may be a sense that something is missing, or a plan hasn’t quite come together as originally expected.

This is the last of four such minor eclipses this year, with the previous on January 10th, June 5th, and July 4th. I can certainly vouch for plans not coming together fully around two of these penumbral eclipses. This didn’t really matter, in the grand scheme of things, as I would see the people concerned again for other events. But there was a sense of slight disappointment with the mismatched arrangements. What struck me most clearly in both instances was that I was not fully committed to the plans in the first place and perhaps overlooked my early discomfort. So, yet again — as so often with lunar occurrences — obscured feelings became clearer under a penumbral eclipse.

On this occasion, the Moon in Gemini especially accentuates being of two minds or having to deal with two possible scenarios. Do we go down the first track or the second? This kind of Gemini vacillation makes life more complex than it needs to be! If we can’t make up our minds, then maybe we’re simply not ready — in which case, fate will take its course and make a decision for us (or highlight where we have failed to be resolute).

Similar to the Harvest Moon on October 1, neither the Sun nor Moon makes aspects to other planets. The closest are a trine between Sun and Mars and a t-square from the Sun and Moon to Neptune. But these are outside of the typical orbs (6° for a trine, 8° for a square), suggesting that the opposition itself is the major energetic exchange, and support from other sources is not easily at hand.

When the Sun opposes the Moon, we can experience it as facing off in a power struggle with an authority figure. The Sun’s logic or rationale (the person represented by the Sun) feels overbearing, despite that we have strong feelings (the Moon) percolating under the surface. We have an instinctive sense of what’s right in the situation, while having little choice but to go along with the other version. It is worth remembering that the face-off is temporary and that feelings and situations will change, given time. This is not to suggest that we just ignore significant emotions, but that there may come a time when they don’t bother us quite so much; or conversely, when they come out more powerfully at another point or even in a sideways fashion. We can now recognize when a response is out of proportion, and that it’s merely a pent-up emotion making its presence known!

One name for November’s Full Moon is the Beaver Moon, reflecting how we may be beavering away; getting ready for winter and preparing for major festivals like Christmas. Another name is the Mourning Moon, encouraging us to let go of outmoded habits, behaviors, or attitudes that no longer help. Mercury is in Scorpio, a sign associated with the need to detoxify and move away from dead energy. Mercury’s close sextiles to Jupiter, and Saturn give the nod to make changes. With Mercury applying to Saturn, especially, the instruction seems clear to trim down in some way.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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