Book recommendation: “The psychology of man’s possible evolution” by P.D. Ouspensky


When you have had your first ‘education’ by the way of years of “ordinary” life; when you have been exposed to thousands of works of literature, art, science, religion–and these have created a hunger in you; at a certain point, you may be ready to receive a certain quality of knowledge. When you do, when you recognize its value and if you apply it to your daily life, you yourself can truly change. This book, in the hands of one who seeks, can be a key to the start of a path to a larger and richer world.
How well do you *really* know yourself? Are you willing to go digging? The world is waiting, and a man named Piotr Demianovich Ouspensky saw fit to help you know both it, and yourself, in ways you never guessed.
Yes, there are books that can truly change lives. This is one of them. Do not read if your aim is only to remain comfortable. I wish you the best on your Way.  (Customer review on

P D Ouspensky – The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution Audiobook

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