Book recommendation: “The Christ Within: A Study of the Absolute” by Lillian DeWaters


Christian Science axiom dictates that it is faith in God that will heal all physical and mental ills. In The Christ Within, first published in 1925, Lillian De Waters provides a poetic and persuasive argument for the thesis that the power to heal oneself lies within the individual and is a matter sometimes of mental effort and sometimes of spiritual effort. And while “health” generally connotes physical soundness, De Waters addresses a more holistic view, arguing that the way to peace of mind, body, and soul lies through the glorious embrace of Christ. American spiritual thinker LILLIAN DE WATERS (b. 1883) was one of the first students of Christian Science, eventually breaking off on her own to stress the inseparability of Jesus Christ and the primary divine force, thereby falling between Christian Science and Orthodox Christianity. She is also the author of The Hidden Truth and The Great Answer (the Message of Ontology). (Google Books)

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