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Connect with the Prosperos -leading mentors and instructors of today, ready to help elevate your practice of Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendor with key breakthrough tips. Join us! September 2-5, 2016.

westin long beach interior  westin long beach exterior

An unforgettable weekend at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach California, with the comradery of old and new friends, working with noted mentors and teachers in such areas as Art and the Subconscious; Astrology seen as personal Survival Dynamics; Symbolic clues to understand your personal journey; and a closer look at techniques to enhance your effectiveness with RHS and Translation . . .

Calvin Harris, H.W., M.

We have people coming from the East, the Midwest and West Coast of the mainland and Hawaii. I’d say, “It is a weekend to learn how to effectively use your emotional intelligence, by finding out how you bank and spend emotional currency within your world. It will be an experience with immersive information to change the spectrum of your life stories from hurt or isolation to a give-for of insights, wholeness, love, & laughter.”


This Assembly will hold a concluding banquet celebration of fun & laughter – Sunday evening September 4, 2016 . . . with Rob Klopfenstein on the piano. Rob Klopfenstein is a songwriter & piano player who entertains at music venues throughout southern California. Known for his fun energetic and interactive shows.

Presenters and facilitators

By the time the Assembly 2016 wraps up there will be a new sense to living 24 hours in a day, but remember . . .

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2 thoughts on “Assembly update from Calvin Harris”

  1. Aloha all,
    At least for me the 2016 assembly was a perfect surf on a perfect wave. The overall exhilaration of meeting and touching the pictured voices between Skype lesson’s and gotomeeting voices was/is an expansion of consciousness. Watching the many character’s and personalities intermingling together and hearing the lesson’s shared was/is also expansion of consciousness. Experiencing the character’s behind the many year’s of personal triumph and failure in responding to life, using Thane’s radical tools of Translation, RHS ing, and 60 second exercises was, is obvious? Thus equaling another level of commitment, resilience, patience, understanding, and empathy, and who has the eye, ROAR, of the lion and those that don’t for now? The gratitude I am expressing in practicing and utilizing these tools, was expressed by my older brother’s and sister’s in life’s journey within the Prosperos family is greatly appreciated <3. Thus there was a little bit of rubbing within our assembly and observed and recorded by me for my personal continued growth. Thus as an encouragement to any and all whom have put forth the effort to take, participate in the past in taking these classes, REMEMBER YOUR EFFORT'S. Don't pay TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO WHAT APPEAR'S, ti's only a dream. Give your dream the NON-SUBSTANTIAL attention necessary using these tool's and give attention to your sensing (OTHER'S) as already escaped within Aloha. Remember I'm expressing to my belief's, with love and appreciation for revealing my consciousness for consideration and release or no, with much ). Thank you all as well ALL who brought your time and energy to the podium of enlightenment, I took a multitude of note’s and recorded much for motivation and the future, Richard Hartnet, Ann Boheman, William fenney, Al Haferkamp, Calvin Harris, Heather Williams, and other’s for your experience and sharing of your practice’s that give reason, critical thinking expose, and seeing , sensing with vertical, horizontal, and “Y” in our environment, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ).

  2. Aloha,
    Aslo watching Rick Thomas and Richard Hartnet doing the open chair RHS ing and releasing role play’s was a definite eye, consciousness opening experience. In other word’s, I would most likely not have put the mechanical action as to how many chair’s to put out for the actual action sequence? Nor the placing myself in each chair representing the role of whomever I was processing, allowing my father, mother, whom ever to express same memory and recreate the same mis-perception-misunderstanding of sense testimony? For refiling as the RHS ing practice require’s, plus allowing myself to express my intent at that time in same environment, and probably the most interesting is standing up and being my observer self and releasing each character and speaking to myself and releasing same and all my role’s in other’s? As well realizing the courage needed to practice this radical tool by myself and allow the drama to play out on it’s own with observer self guiding the exercise without the guidance of another participant as in the case of Richard guiding Rick, Illuminating. Thus thank you Rick and Richard for your courage and discipline in sharing this exercise ).

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