Moon Wobble and Evolution of Consciousness by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

 Moon Wobble and Evolution of Consciousness

Moon Wobble is known by astronomers as lunar instability. It appears to wobble about every 89 1/2 days.  Its effects on your daily life is a feeling of emotional instability. The energy builds for a 3 weeks period before the peak. This winter the peak was Feb 20 to the 25th.  People were peaking out and acting out.   
To better understand this energy it is important to recognize you are consciousness.  Humanity evolves or grows in its understanding of the nature of reality on global and Universal levels. The Moon Wobble peaks and acts as an evolutionary driver and moves consciousness at an accelerated pace. This energy often appears to upset our everyday plans. Plans tend to fall through, get twisted and miscommunicated. There are more fires, deaths, and accidents during the peak times. In Europe and Asia many countries put more EMT people on call. Some hospitals cut down on surgery unless it is an emergency.  In spite of the appearance something amazing is unfolding. The moon wobble energy sets the stage for consciousness often helping to unblock energy that is needed for change and understanding. This energy of Consciousness may increase our ability to see a path to the future.  The energy of moon wobble can be used to get project going that has languished, creativity is often heightened, and many of us feel more plasticity in our energy causing to feel as if the earth is dissolving beneath our feet. During this time four astrological signs feel the impact of the energy more than others. However, all astro signs feel the impact to a degree.
The collective Consciousness does not single out any individual but functions as one with infinite individuations. Energy flows from in to out creating a constant out flow or unfolding of consciousness. It works like a large computer taking into consideration our own awareness of life and discovery of self. The more we are aware of these energies the more we can use them to achieve beauty and harmony in our lives and our communities. 
The universal consciousness is evolving recognizing that the mother nurturance (archetype) is an important part of survival. The mother is balancing the strictness of the father archetype.  Like all children we need parameters to better embrace the love and nurturing our universe can offer us. The harmony we seek is within our awareness as we learn to recognize and balance our energy. Out of this emerges absolute love of all life and from all life.

Enjoy these peak times of instability and use them to help you achieve your goals and desires,


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