Open Call for Translations of the Corona Virus


The word corona comes from crown. meaning king or authority. The word virus comes from Latin word meaning virulent or deadly. So the coronavirus is the king of virulence, the queen of deadliness?

Scientists tell us that coronaviruses have been around since at least the ’60s. So what are we trying to tell ourselves with the latest manifestation of consciousness known as the coronavirus?

Is there an astrological basis for this worldwide pandemic? German astrologer Georg Stockhorst indicates that there is connection with the new SARS related coronavirus outbreak on the climax of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020. When asked when the pandemic is likely to end, he said:

It is unrealistic to discuss an end of the epidemic as long as humanity has not gone through the collective and individual, political, social, cultural, informational, ecological, psychological, spiritual and technological learning processes that have apparently caused the rise of a new global pandemic at a moment in time when humanity has proven that it is unable to handle its destructive influence on global warming and the rise of fascism, hate and militarism on our planet.

And this is what Louise Hay, the late author and metaphysical leader, says underlies the disease pneumonia: Desperate. Tired of life. … Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions, emotional wounds not allowed to heal.” (Courtesy of William P. Chiles)

In The Prosperos we are taught a system of rethinking apparent truths in light of Universal Truth. We call it Translation.

Got this email from a member of the Bathtub Bulletin community this morning:

“I’m probably not alone in wanting to reach out and join others in a collective action. I’m throwing this out on the table in the spirit of group dynamics: How about a call to the BB Community for no-name, single-sentence sense testimony, print that on a given day, then whoever is up for it Translate that.”

If you are interested in participating in this group effort, please email me at and give me your sense testimony. I will post them anonymously as they come in.

–Mike Zonta, BB editor

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