It’s my birthday. No it isn’t!

Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

San Francisco, CA – May 7, 2020

I was born this day 74 years ago in a small municipal hospital a few miles south of where I am typing this.

But I’ve been a Translator for over 50 years and I keep telling myself, indeed proving to myself, that i am birthless, deathless Truth being.

So who the hell was born 74 years ago? A lot of phylogenetic information, dna codes, cellular memory and so on.

Thane (founder and late dean of The Prosperos) used to speak of the sub-micro-databank or SMDB, indicating that underneath all the dna codes and cellular information is another code, the code of our infinite being.

So, really, I was never born. And I will never die. And neither will you.

So, as Lewis Carroll once wrote, a Happy Unbirthday to us all!

–Mike Zonta, BB editor

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