For Bastille Day: Three Scenes from Mon Oncle

Well –

I was thinking of posting Serge Gainsbourg‘s Reggae + Spoken Word version of “La Marseillaise”, “Aux Armes, Et Caetera”, but then, last night, I had a different idea: I was searching YouTube for Jaques Tati‘s masterpiece Mon Oncle, hoping to find the whole film posted, but alas, only small segments are to be found.

Still, some memory, some hint, of Mon Oncle struck me as maybe a much better post for Bastille Day than that thing by Serge.  Here are at least these three, totally remarkable, scenes:

Mon Oncle was absolutely huge in France when I first arrived there in the fall of 1958, and almost perfectly captures the whimsical humor and run down dignity of that country in those days – and remains, to this day, just about my favorite film of all time…

Mon Oncle won many awards, including the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1959, which award was accepted at the ceremony by Jacques Tati himself.  Watch him inject a little reality and humility into the glitzy/phony/plastic world that was Hollywood back then (and in very good English, too!) here

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