Walter Lanyon Trilogy


By Walter C. Lanyon

Part One   –  I Came

Part Two   –  That Ye Might Have

Part Three –  Life More Abundant

My son, some kings are commonplace, and not all laborers are worthy of their hire.

But this I say to you; that if you are in league with gods to learn life and to live it, neither king nor commoner can prevent you, though they try their utmost.

You shall find help unexpectedly from strangers who, it may be, know not why.

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By Walter C. Lanyon

This, the second volume, continues the relation of Consciousness versus Thought. A development of the Changeless Order of Being is given together with a fuller expose of the practical application of the Principle used by Jesus in his so-called miracles.

Gradually the reader becomes aware thatConsciousness is not established by “Taking Thought” but by becoming aware of Consciousness. He finds that thought emanates from Consciousness as the rays of light emanate from the SUN. He discovers the reason for many of the things said by Jesus—he begins to sense in a new way how it is that “prayer is answered before it is asked”—and that the results take place while he is asking. In short, an entirely new level of understanding is revealed.

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A handful of dust could hide your signal when I did not know its meaning. Now I am wiser, I read it in all that hid it before. It is painted in petals of flowers; waves flash it from their foam; hills hold it high on their summits. I had my face turned from you, therefore I read the books awry, and knew not their meaning.

Where roads are made I lose my way. In the wide water, in the blue sky there is no line of a track. The pathway is hidden by the birds’ wings, by the starflies, by the flowers of the way-faring seasons. And I ask my heart if its blood carries the wisdom of the unseen way.

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