“Open Ended Thinking?” by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

Open ended thinking goes beyond structuring results or outcome, into the universal principles of abstract thinking.  
To accept our selves as the ability to think.  From this center of awareness we can observe and from there everything shifts.”  Or, is unlearned and uncovering the Truth.  Ontological type of consciousness assumed automatically as we apply Translation.
The syllogism  opens consciousness to a more accurate, a more efficient solution instead.  This happens in straight thinking, or, the uncovering of the Truth. 
Translation thinking uses words and lets the  language unify thinking.  We examine the order of our thinking and premises, thus conclusions.   We see the solution exists before the problem did, that is how I found it.  I saw through the appearances to the  invisible essence of it, the functional attributes in consciousness.  It is an experience, not a concept.  It is Beingness experience in supra~consciousness.  
With the knowledge of the syllogistic thinking we can adjust our thinking to principle.  (Return to the Father)  The children (thoughts) are then managed according to the Father principle.
From there it is simply letting go and letting God.  Or, letting the Father (Principle)  do the work.  It is instant and effortless.


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