New word: “Fluffer”

A fluffer on set of a gay pornographic movie handing a lubricant to an actor

A fluffer is a person employed to keep a male adult film star erect on the set. These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to “fluff” the actors for the shot. Fluffing could also entail sexual acts such as fellatio or non-penetrative sex.

According to some pornographic actors, such as Aurora SnowJames Deen and Keiran Lee, fluffers do not actually exist, saying that the role might have existed in the past, yet was displaced in 1998 with the increase of Viagra; however, according to pornographic actress Sabrina Deep, fluffers do exist and can have a decisive impact on a production. Hunter Skott, who has worked as a fluffer, contended in an interview that “fluffers are only used for a gangbang or bukkake, not for regular [porn] movies”. Sloane Steel, formerly of, said much the same.

In popular culture

In the 1998 videogame Fallout 2, it is possible for the player to become a fluffer for a post-apocalyptic studio engaged in the porn industry.

The 2001 film The Fluffer was about a film buff with a crush on a porn star who is straight, for whom he would end up working as a fluffer in gay porn. A four-minute short comedy film also titled The Fluffer was released in 2003.

In the 2003 fourth episode of the TV series Nip/Tuck, Matt McNamara‘s one-night stand with a pornographic “fluffer” (Marnette Patterson) results in a sexually transmitted infection scare.

In an episode of New Girl entitled “Fluffer”, a male character is described as an “emotional fluffer” for the female lead, providing her sentimental stimulation which allows her to maintain a more active sex life with a different man with whom she has been having sex.

The term fluffer has also been adopted by the real estate industry to refer to a person that stages homes, and as a term for a maid who fluffs pillows, or in general cleans and prepares work equipment. These two usages of the term predate the pornographic usage, which came into use in the 1970s.

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