Narcissistic Abuse Documentary

Aletta Meijer ‘Surviving Narcissists and Psychopaths,’ documentary about Narcissistic Abuse, 2019 This documentary focusses on the survivors of narcissists and psychopaths, and what it is like to be in a relationship with them. It discusses confusion, gaslighting, health issues because of the trauma, and why it is so difficult to pull away from these type of relationships. Experts on the subject who are featured in this documentary are: Sam Vaknin, Jan Storms and Mjon van Oers. Sam Vaknin and Mjon van Oers (in dutch) have written books about narcissists. Jan Storms, as a specialist on psychopathy, has written a book about (destructive) relationships with a psychopath, which is soon to be released in english as well. Produced by Aletta Meijer, with the help of Femi Olasehinde.

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