Libra New Moon, Black Moon, September 29, 2016 (8 degrees) 5:11 pm PDT


This is a very unusual New Moon. It is called a Black Moon. This occurs rarely as it indicates two New Moons in one month, the last one was approximately 32 years ago. We more often hear the term Blue Moon which is two Full Moons in a month and seems to happen more frequently.

Traditionally, a Black Moon is extra receptive or feminine and portends a time of great awakening and clarity and often indicates a sharp turning point in a cycle, a very powerful blossoming process that has probably been in process for some time. Astrologers feel that this Black Moon will be filled with positive aspects and plenty of opportunity. The entire week leading up to the Black Moon and the days that follow it, are projected to be extremely positive and peaceful. Great epiphanies, opportunities and even miracles could be experienced. This is a powerful time to manifest all of our greatest dreams, wishes and desires. So pay attention to your feelings and spend some time in meditation concerning your spiritual insights as you are guided toward your higher path.

Jupiter conjuncts this New Moon in Libra, adding extra power to creating boundaries and balance in our lives and relationships. What do you want your relationship to look like? Are you sacrificing yourself and your dreams for your partner? This is a great time to look at the inner workings of and the interplay with your partner and decide what decisions need to be made to create the best outcome. Self-discovery is the imperative now.

Jupiter in Libra also relates to diplomacy as our government negotiates with other world powers.This energy should assist us in softening hard line relationships and smooth out former difficulties. We pray for this softening as many relationships with world leaders have heated up while Jupiter was in Virgo, emphasizing and magnifying the flaws in others and their beliefs. Jupiter in Libra is definitely our ally, personally and globally.

We continue to be involved in the energetic squarebetween Saturn and Neptune. They are opposites. Saturn builds structures and walls and Neptune dissolves structures and boundaries. We are seeing very clearly how many structures in the US are wobbling as the disillusion of toxic structures are being brought into focus. We so desperately need compassionate vision and imagination as we dream of a more peaceful world and a more compassionate country.

Mars moved into the sign of Capricorn on the 26th. Mars is very happy in Capricorn, loving the systems and structure and intensity of the work and achieving goals. It also relates to military activity. Let’s hope Jupiter will temper aggression, and peaceful resolution to conflict will be the goal.

Venus moved into the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd. This is a very powerful, passionate, intense and secretive energy. Venus is also forming a trine with Neptune which can represent fantasy, indicating that the merging of individuals may not be what it seems. This can also represent power struggles and covert activity. Pay attention to your gut vibes as it is hard to see what lies ahead. We are still experiencing the effects of the last two eclipses and the lingering energy of Mercury in Virgoand the retrograde. Mercury, the trickster, is still in play and the illusion of reality (Neptune/Saturn) is pervasive now. Things are not quite what you think they are. Anything can happen. Surprises are in store.

Written by Wendy Cicchetti

PLAN YOUR OWN NEW MOON CEREMONY. Give yourself some quiet time in meditation to see where you need to seed new ways of becoming. List these areas within your life you want to change. What areas do you want to break free from the norm and become more productive and discerning? The NEW MOON is the time to manifest the personal attributes you want to cultivate as well as the tangible things you want to bring to you. Possible phrasing: I now manifest ____ into my life. I am now _______ . Remember, think, envision and feel with as much emotion as possible, as though you already have what you want. Thoughts are things and the brain manifests exactly what you show it in the form of thoughts, visuals and emotions. The Buddha said, and I am paraphrasing, “We are the sum total of our thoughts up to today. ” If we want to be different then we must change our thoughts. “If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” CONSCIOUS CHANGE is the key.

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