Libra Full Moon

Wendy Cicchetti

The Libra Full Moon places an emphasis on the need for balance and equality in a number of areas of life. It may be especially obvious in a relationship where someone’s needs are not being fairly addressed. Sometimes this can happen without an obvious good reason, while at other times it is clearer — practical issues such as needing to attend to illness may be a good example. Either way, though, any sense of imbalance can still have an impact at a deep level, particularly where one party’s needs consistently go unmet. This may lead to an emotional buildup of frustration, even a sense of being overlooked or invisible. In other words, there may be emotional and psychological impacts that merit acknowledgement and possible action to bring about more balance.

Venus conjoins the Sun in Aries and is also sandwiched between Chiron and Ceres, indicating an opportunity for healing around the issue of nurturing either physical resources or relationship. Venus is considered “awkward” in Aries, according to traditional astrology. This placement can emphasize impatience, jostling towards the front, or someone being preoccupied with surface details. At the most basic level, one person may be focusing on me/I, whilst the other is thinking in terms of us/we, so that plans are not quite on the same or parallel tracks.

The focus on Chiron suggests that there is room for healing, if we understand problems from a different angle, since polarized positions can mean that we see things through only one set of filters. The Moon in Libra — an air sign — suggests that a lightness and logic can be applied to help a situation. This is supported through applying trines to both Saturn and Mars. The challenge here could be to rise above a conflict that seems to have a batting back and forth pattern, and to take out the sting and exhaustion that go with it. It could equal the difference between one-upmanship — or vying for a single, winning position — and finding easy solutions that somehow manage to suit everyone.

It all adds up to an air grand trine with Mars conjunct the Moon’s North Node — a clue that we need to choose a new attitude, approach, or action. It could be interesting to see both how simple the solution is and how hard it may be to implement, given that trines represent ease and the North Node frequently shows where we struggle to change behaviours and make progress. But maybe it really is time to walk the path less traveled.

Since the Moon links us to our true needs, there may be an increasing need at this time for sharing and connection, whilst also wishing for peace. Sometimes these situations can be at cross-purposes because, no matter how much we wish to extend ourselves kindly, room for misunderstandings still exists. And we cannot always match our specific resources and willingness to be generous with what is needed or wanted by the other party. Therefore, such situations may require diplomacy and allowing for differences, as well as acknowledging the desire to reach across a bridge in order to connect.

The Moon in Libra opposite the lineup of Sun, Chiron, Venus, and Ceres in Aries also reflects a desire to be equal with others; not needing to compete, nor judging ourselves as less than others. Can we just let the inner and outer pressures go for a while, and be fine with it all being rather middle-of-the-road?

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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