Empathy Circle Facilitator Training begins August 6

TOMORROW AT 10 AM – 12:30 PM

Empathy Training Cohort 12.E Saturdays Now Forming


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Event by Building a Culture of Empathy and Edwin Rutsch


Duration: 2 hr 30 min

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BUILDING THE EMPATHY MOVEMENT: COHORT 12.E: Module 1: Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation Training.

Join us in this 5 week introductory training on how to facilitate an Empathy Circle. The Empathy Circle is the most effective foundation and gateway practice for learning, practicing and deepening listening and empathy skills, as well as, nurturing an empathic way of being.

1. ( ) COHORT 12.E: Saturdays Signup http://bit.ly/SignUp-Cohort12E
2. ( ) Fill out the Training Application https://bit.ly/Apply12E
3. ( ) By Donation $0-$300 – More at http://BestEmpathyTraining.com

10am PT/1pm ET (2.5 Hours)

Session 1: Saturday, August 06 – World Times: https://bit.ly/39dn246
Session 2: Saturday, August 13 – World Times: https://bit.ly/39hrWgF
Session 3: Saturday, August 20 – World Times: https://bit.ly/3zwYptS
Session 4: Saturday, August 27 – World Times: https://bit.ly/3xfS8Qs
Session 5: Saturday, September 03 – World Times: https://bit.ly/3NJk3zz

Must have taken part in at least 2 Empathy Circles.
See here for upcoming Empathy Circles: https://bit.ly/3nHBpBv


Amazing training today! I’m grateful and will be Committed to getting Certified. Being with people from different countries, cultures, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and spiritual beliefs Was Priceless. Empathy Circle reflects the world as a whole. Thanks
― Brenda B.J. Guiden

Building a culture of empathy starts with understanding how we can inject this practice in our daily lives. Being a part of this training is helping me become more aware of how I can develop empathy. Take a look at this training and join us as we promote and build a culture of empathy.
― Shawnna Hunter

I am currently a part of this empathy circle training cohort (13.C) and it’s been a wonderful experience thus far. I highly recommend it for everyone. I look forward to hosting many empathy circles and truly connecting and listening to people and sharing this skill with others. Back to basics. Thank you Edwin Rutsch!
― Dominica Rae Barber

My basic thought is that I’ve been offered a gift and that’s participating in this little learning environment. And the kind of thing that I’m discovering is that there are lots of threads where I’m building up, or inching up, my skills, my competence, my confidence as well; and this will naturally evolve into me doing something similar.
― Graham Berends


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