e²: the economies of being environmentally conscious (2008)

kontentreal Will the power and ingenuity that marked our progress also lead to our downfall? This is the paradox of our times. Global resource depletion, pollution, and their unsustainable human and environmental costs keep rising. At the same time, visionaries from all sectors are turning intractable problems into incredible opportunities to re-invent, re-design and re-create the world around us. “e²” is a critically acclaimed, solutions-oriented PBS series on global environmental challenges. Filmed in HD and narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, “e²” features the thought leaders and innovations that shape our future, in seven distinct fields. Change agents such as William McDonough, Jeffrey Sachs, Steven Chu, Renzo Piano, Thom Mayne, Muhammad Yunus, Enrique Peñalosa and Amory Lovins among others, share their vision for a sustainable future for all. For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.e2-series.com/

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  1. A friend just told me how good this was. I was going to do a search to find it, and send him a link. Bingo!

    Thanks Mike!

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